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“As a busy mother of two with a high pressure job I felt in serious need of a boost. The Reiki treatment took me to a level of calm and serenity I could not have imagined.” Testimonial by Ms AW, Preston

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or for more information. Click here to contact me. I will help you start your journey towards true health, happiness & well-being.

Reiki Kinesiology Reiki Reflexology

My name is Rachel Kay. I am a holistic therapist practising in the Ribble Valley. I have helped many clients to overcome physical, emotional and psychological problems and to move forwards living their lives happily & healthily.

I can help you to target specific issues, to work towards a goal or simply help you to Relax, Rebalance & Rejuvenate.


Achieve & maintain true health & well-being

“Four hours after having the first Reflexology treatment the sinusitis symptoms disappeared. I was left with only a tender cheekbone which went after a follow up treatment.Testimonial by Mrs MB, Oswaldtwistle

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Find out how you can boost energy & get fit with a Health MOT

Boost energy by implementing lifestyle changes

An exercise plan to help you with your fitness goals

Foods to boost your system and foods to avoid

A tailored therapy program to pursue if you wish

Health MOT